June 1945 in Dresden

"In the morning, two young men from the house take us across Dresden to the Elbe. Thousands wait here – more than thousands – waiting to be transported by boat. Trains are no longer running. Frau Neuman succeeds with her cheekiness! We manage to get on the very first steamboat."

I have an early start saying goodbye to my mum, who heads back to England.

After a full breakfast, Steph and I wander down to the river, to take the Ferry to Meissen.

"As the propellors begin turning, my heart starts to sing. I start to feel hopeful again. The little one is only a few days old, and must already take so much on the chin. As small as she is, she’s already tough and robust. She will be a child of the road. "

On the river is an intense sense of peace.
Flat gentle water.
Meissen is old, medieval and beautiful.
From here it is a 6 hour hike (25k), half along the river, which is beautiful, half through yellow fields. (corn, sunflowers, other plants). The temperature is very pleasant.

We arrive exhausted. No energy to walk to the river.

We walk a little to find a place to eat. Then collapse to sleep.
Herons every 5 meters.
Many birds of prey.

14th July - Dresden to Riesa
Extremely pleasant temperature.